Use humic and/or fulvic acid for the health of your birds and chickens.
Your birds and chickens will be healthy and energetic again!

Positive effects for birds & chickens
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    Better absorption of nutrients
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    Low dosage and therefore economical in use
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    Glossy feather deck
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    Improved intestinal structure
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    Protects the intestines against harmful influences
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    Even finicky chickens readily take to humic and fulvic supplements in their feed/water
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    Healthier chickens
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    Neutralizing effect on heavy metals in cells

Humic acid

Humic acid is primarily known as an application in arable farming and horticulture, but humic acid is also playing an increasingly important role in animal feed. By adding humic acid to animal food every day, nutrients, vitamins and minerals are better absorbed. Our humic acid is easy to dissolve in water and then easily mixes with water or food. It is virtually tasteless to your birds and poultry.

Fulvic acid

Fulvic acid detoxifies and promotes the absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in pets. Fulvic acid has a high absorption capacity – it is a small molecule that can penetrate into the cells. This characteristic, and the purity of our product, ensures that vitamins and minerals are better absorbed by your dog. It also improves the immune system and therefore the vitality and mobility of your birds and poultry.


The benefits of giving humic and fulvic acid to your birds and chickens have been demonstrated in various scientific studies. And we have conducted long-term research into the effects of PrimeHumic (humic acid) in particular on birds and chickens. Humic acid and fulvic acid play an important role in maintaining the good health of your birds and chickens. Humic acid binds heavy metals and fulvic acid transports heavy metals out of the cells and nutrients into them. Thus both substances support multiple functions in the body, including the intestines. A healthy intestinal flora plays an important role in the immune system and the vitality of your birds and chickens.

PrimeHumic Liquid

PrimeHumic Liquid is easy to give to your pet; pour it over its food or mix it in its water bowl. It is easy to dose.

You can determine the amount of PrimeHumic Liquid that you administer based on the weight of your pet via the table:


Weight Daily amount
20 kg 15 cc
40 kg 30 cc
60 kg 60 cc


To give this dosage to your pet, we recommend that you first mix it with water.

To mix, use the following ratio: 15 cc PrimeHumic Liquid in 100 ml of water.

For a dog of about 20 kg you daily give 15 cc mixed in water, or 1.5 cc undiluted by using a syringe.

Shake well before use!
There may be undissolved particles visible. These do not influence the effect of the product on the animal and may simply be ingested.