Use humic and/or fulvic acid for your cat’s health.
Your cat will be healthy and energetic again!

Positive effects for your cat
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    Improves immune system and promotes vitality
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    Nourishes and protects skin and fur
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    Is economical in use
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    Reduces animal and faeces odor
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    Promotes firmer stools
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    Promotes the absorption of nutrients
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    Even finicky cats readily take to humic and fulvic supplements in their food/water
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    Helps to remove heavy metals and toxins from the cells
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    Noticeable result within 2 weeks
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    Supports the recovery of stud tail

“We often see that the immune system is somewhat reduced in older cats.
They are stiffer, less energetic and often suffer from dirty or oily skin and/or bald spots. Fulvic acid helps your cat be more energetic. The skin recovers, making the coat shine again, and bald spots regain hair growth. The absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals is also greatly improved.”

– Veterinarian

Humic acid

Humic acid is primarily known as an application in arable farming and horticulture, but humic acid is also playing an increasingly important role in animal feed. By adding humic acid to animal food every day, nutrients, vitamins and minerals are better absorbed.

Fulvic acid

Fulvic acid detoxifies and promotes the absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in pets. Fulvic acid has a high absorption capacity – it is a small molecule that can penetrate into the cells. This characteristic, and the purity of our product, ensures that vitamins and minerals are better absorbed by your dog. It also improves the immune system and therefore the vitality and mobility.

Stud tail

A stud tail can occur in both female cats and tomcats. Often a stud tail is worst at the top of the tail and feels annoying and sometimes painful to your cat.

With some males the sebaceous glands can become inflamed; in that case we advise you to repeat the steps below a few times.

If you have a tomcat and there are a lot of cats in heat in your area, we advise you to use the PrimeFulvic spray preventively. You can also use the spray on other wounds, on a dull coat or on flaky skin.

PrimeFulvic spray is the solution

PrimeFulvic helps heal stud tail and has a healing effect on the skin. To be used as follows:

    1. Spray the irritated area with PrimeFulvic spray and let dry.
    2. When it is dry, you will see the sebum dissolve. When the sebum has dried, use a fine comb, such as a flea comb, to carefully comb it off the tail.
    3. After this you can use some dry powder such as cornflour on the affected area and brush it out of the tail after 24 hours.
    4. Stud tail usually disappears after following these steps only once.
    5. For inflamed sebaceous glands, repeat the above steps a few times.
“I would definitely recommend fulvine for older cats that can’t get up so quickly anymore and have become a bit arthritic. It works very well on the joints and after using it for just a few weeks you can already see them becoming more energetic.”
“My cats ingest it without any problem. My one cat plays more and her coat shines, my other cat is 14 years old and is very cheerful and still plays a lot. She didn’t do that before PrimeFulvic.”
“I would recommend it to anyone! One of my cats had intestinal problems and after using PrimeFulvic she was in better shape immediately. I also notice that my cats are becoming much more energetic and their fur is much more beautiful.”