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Rowing 5000 km across the Atlantic for the Mentelity Foundation, that’s what Debby Bijl, Bettina de Wild and Iris Noordzij are going to do in December 2021! Health Solution supports and sponsors these rowing ladies, and you can help with that.


The ladies are participating in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic challenge. In December 2021 they will row 5000km from La Gomera to Antiqua. This means that they row 2 hours on, 2 hours off, 24 hours a day. They go to the toilet in a bucket, make drinking water from seawater and must eat 4800 Kcal per day. At the same time, they deal with the elements, water, wind, high waves and seasickness. The goal is that they arrive at Antiqua within 48 days, because then they have the world record Women 3 on their name!

The Mentelity foundation

The Mentelity foundation was founded by Bibian Mentel. “You are not going to tell me what I cannot do” is a well-known statement from her and a great motivation for the foundation and the ladies of Row For Impact. The Mentelity foundation stimulates and inspires children and young adults who live with a physical and mental challenge. In this way they give people who experience mental and/or physical limitations the opportunity to experience a more enjoyable, relaxed, and meaningful life. So that beautiful memories can be created, a more beautiful life can be lived. Thinking in possibilities despite the limitation! Motivate people to get moving (again). In other words: MOTIVATION TO MOVE! And that is the challenge they face.


The team

Debby Bijl, Bettina de Wild & Iris Noordzij

Health Solution as a partner of Row For Impact

Health Solution is very happy to support the ladies. During a conversation with Debby, Bettina & Iris, they indicated that they mainly suffer from their intestines because they are bent so much and walk little, but also that they have a lot of blisters. Our Pure&Humic and Pure&Fulvic gel are a good support in this, so we also provide the ladies with that. Further on they give their opinion and experience so far about the Pure&Fulvic gel. We also sponsor the ladies. For every bottle of Pure&Humic sold, we donate €1 to Row For Impact!

Pure&Humic Row For Impact

Pure&Fulvic gel

As mentioned before, we supply Pure&Humic and Pure&Fulvic gel to these athletes. The ladies would like to say the following about the Pure&Fulvic gel: “Our hands still look neat. Amazing, because with our training schedule of rowing 4 hours 3 times a week in a C4 and frantically participating in boat rows and competitions, we do develop the necessary blisters on our hands, feet and buttocks.

Every day we lubricate the blisters with Pure&Fulvic gel from Health Solution and so far, we are very satisfied with the result. Very fast recovery. We are therefore very curious what our hands will look like on the ocean with this gel.”

Nice to know about the Talisker Whisky Atlantic challenge

  • that the ocean is 8.5 km deep and there can be waves of 6 meters…

  • each team makes approximately 1.5 million strokes during the race. And then also thinking of all the successes during the preparation and training sessions…

  • the participants of the races have already raised more than €11 million for charities…

  • the teams are supported by 2 duty officers on land 24/7…

  • each rower uses 10 liters of water what they make themselves...

  • the TWAC has a very large reach on social media...

  • 2 safety sailboats are sailing in the field…

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