We can imagine that the title raises questions for you. Yet, regarding the effect of humic acid, we often make this comparison. It all has to do with absorption and dispersal. We would love to tell you about it!

Research by dr. F.X. Mayr

Perhaps the name rings a bell with you. Mr. Mayr is best known for his MAYR cure. It is safe to say that this man was ahead of his time. He called the digestive organs the root system of human beings. He assumed that if the digestive system constantly malfunctions, then eventually the whole body will suffer.
It works the same way with plants; when the soil cannot pass on nutrients to the plants, plants cannot grow optimally.

Food intake

Why the comparison? Our digestive system processes the ingested food, extracts its nutrients and provides the entire body with them. The digestive system also takes care of our excretion of substances. Therefore, it is important to the overall health ofour body. Plants do this same thing, but in interplay with the soil.
The plant roots take in nutrients through the soil and also release toxins, heavy metals, etc. back into it. The soil then cleans up these substances, provided the soil is healthy! Good soil health is essential for the plant, just as good intestinal flora is for our. According to researchers, changes in our food intake result in changes in the composition of our gut bacteria in less than a day. So good intestinal health really does pay off!

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Fungi and bacteria

We now know that the microorganisms that live surrounding plant roots are very important for plant health. We can compare this to the importance of the microbiome in our own intestines. Human intestines are full of beneficial bacteria that are crucial to our health. The exact impact of this so-called microbiome on our health depends on which types of bacteria these are, their activity and their numbers. In plants, it works the same way, but through their roots.


When this gets disturbed, both in people’s intestines and in plants, it starts causing all kinds of problems. Humic acid is a great solution to address these problems.

In our intestines, Pure&Humic (humic acid and fulvic acid) takes care of maintaining a healthy intestinal flora and health. The molecular weight and size of these organic compounds are so small that they can travel from cell to cell. Humic acid binds and fulvic acid transports, thereby helping the body to better absorb nutrients and maintain cell balance. Humic acid and fulvic acid also remove heavy metals from the body. This way Pure&Humic supports your immune system and vitality, with healthy intestines as the basis for a healthy body.

For plants it is important that the soil is healthy. Humic acid in the soil (Ful-Humix) acts as a powerful activator that increases efficiency, cellular activity and nutrient uptake. In doing so, Ful-Humix stimulates beneficial microorganisms and converts useful organic materials and fertilizers into usable forms for faster uptake. It is a full-spectrum product that eliminates the need to add other products. Humic acid and fulvic acid have a positive impact on the quality and growth of grass, flowers and plants by ensuring optimum soil quality.

So as you can see….the title isn’t so crazy after all! 😉

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