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Bioag CytoPlus

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to be used during the (late) flowering phase and for your compost (tea).


CytoPlus is a fully-fledged product that makes the addition of other products unnecessary. Humic acid and fulvic acid, in combination with seven micronutrients plus seaweed, have a positive effect on the quality and growth of grass, flowers and plants.

Applied as a foliar spray on fruit, flowers and vegetables just prior to bloom or bud stage, it will enhance flowering and fruit set quality, quantity and retention.

On turf it provides greater nitrogen uptake resulting in a lush, dark green colour and a healthier root system from increased photosynthesis.

Cytoplus can also be applied to plants during the growing season to quickly correct micronutrient deficiencies and improve overall plant health.

Provides a large profile of essential and rare elements; as well as phytostimulants in small quantities. Cytoplus is a soluble, dry powdered concentrate that can be used in a wide variety of applications including: dry broadcast for turf and farms, hydroponic, irrigation, and hand watered applications.

The benefits of this humic acid concentrate with seaweed and micronutrients for plants:

  • Enhances flower and fruit set
  • Improves soil structure
  • Provides essential trace elements
  • Increases fertilizer uptake
  • Reduces nutrient leaching
  • Builds plant immunity
  • Induces drought tolerance
  • Improves microbial activity

BioAg Ful-Humix

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for a healthy soil


Ful-Humix is consists of humic and fulvic acids. It is a powerful activator that improves the intake of nutrients, raises the effectivity of the nutrients and improves cell activity. In adittion it stimulates useful micro-organisms and inverts biological components and manures into better available forms for a faster intake. It is a full-fledged product that makes the addition of other products unnecessary. Humic acid and fulvic acid, in combination with seven micronutrients plus seaweed, have a positive effect on the quality and growth of grass, flowers and plants.

It is recommended to use Ful-Humix in particular with heavy clay soil.

Flowers and plants:
We recommend Ful-Humix as a supplementation to phase 1: Soil improvement.
A good soil is a healthy soil. And a healthy soil life ensures that the water can drain easily, or retains it in drier times. Ful-Humix naturally increases the self-regulating capacity of the soil for improved water balance.

The benefits of humic acid concentrate for plants

  • Improves soil structure
  • Retains and reliquishes nutrients and water (self-regulating)
  • Stimulates microbial activity
  • Improves drought tolerance
  • Builds plant immunity
  • Stimulates microbial activity
  • Promotes growth and yields

BioAg Ful-Power

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the natural root and growth stimulator


Ful-Power consists of fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is nature’s transporter, also known as the chelator. This means that the fulvic acid in Ful-Power helps plants, grasses and crops absorb trace elements and minerals that are otherwise difficult to absorb. Improved absorption optimizes cell and plant growth, increases yield and makes plants, grasses and crops more resistant to pests and diseases. Fulvic Acid increases nutrient absorption without cutting through your existing plant nutrition plan. In addition, fulvic acid prevents nutrients from binding together and forming an insoluble sediment in a liquid solution.

The fulvic acid in Ful-Power is recovered through a fermentation process that uses no heating, and no chemicals are added. Ful-Power therefore guarantees a maximum biological effect.

Use Ful-Power to germinate your seed or seed potatoes. This ensures a healthy start to the seeds of your flowers and/or plants.
Tip: You can dip the roots of perennial plants in Ful-Power.
Use our vegetable garden annual calendar to choose the correct time to germinate different seeds.

Flowers and plants:
We recommend Ful-Power as an addition to every phase.
Ful-Power can be used as a leaf spray for flowers and plants. It helps other components to penetrate the cells and thus increases their effect and efficiency.
You can even halve the use of your fertilizers when you use Ful-Power!

The benefits of Ful-Power for plants:

  • to increase the absorption of nitrogen and nutrients
  • for better and greater root growth and biomass
  • to increase the absorption of fertilizers
  • to increase the yield of your grasses, plants and crops
  • for reducing stress in your seeds and young plants
  • as foliar spray
  • as a booster during germination, which ensures an accelerated development of your cuttings

Bioag TM-7

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Indispensable for growth


TM-7 consists of Ful-Humix with seven added micronutrients; boron, cobalt sulfate, copper sulfate, iron sulfate, manganese sulfate, sodium molybdate and zinc sulfate.

These micronutrients are indispensable for plant growth, making TM-7 an essential supplement in the (vegetable) garden. Humic and fulvic acids form a bridge between dead minerals and living plant roots, increasing the absorption of nutrients by the roots. This results in improved root growth, increased fruit growth and quality, stronger microbial activity of the soil, better soil structure, a higher number of trace elements available for absorption and lower water consumption. In short, TM-7 is indispensable for optimal growth.

It is recommended to use TM-7 in particular with acidic peat soil.

Flowers an plants:
We recommend TM-7 as an addition to phase 3: Growth
At this stage, the plants and flowers begin to grow because they have rooted in the soil. It is therefore very important that the nutrients can be transported properly and that they are sufficiently available. We recommend the TM-7 in combination with Ful-Power as foliar spray.

The benefits of this humic and fulvic acid product for plants:

  • Improves soil structure
  • Promotes fruit set and quality
  • Reduces nutrient leaching
  • Improves drought tolerance
  • Stimulates root growth
  • Builds plant immunity
  • Stimulates microbial activity