How it all started…..

In 2009 I came into contact with BioAg USA by chance. Until that time I had never heard of humic acid or fulvic acid. My interest was immediately aroused, but I wanted to try the products first. We started to use fulvic acid ourselves and also put it in our dog’s water bowl. At that moment he had a problem with his hip (HD), he always drew up his hind leg, and he was no longer playful or active. To our great surprise, after 1-2 weeks he started walking on 4 legs again, his fur shone again and he became very active. That’s when I was sold, because sometimes if we want something to work, we can trick ourselves into thinking that it does – but an animal cannot fake it.

I began to study these two organic substances and I found a study that was done with wheat in the Netherlands, with positive results. We also found a lot of information in scientific literature, particularly in Chinese and former Eastern European literature. This was the reason for us to do more research into the existing literature. We started to do our own research as well, in collaboration with research institutes and universities. I also found that I was hardly the only one who had never heard of humic or fulvic acid; very little was known about it in Europe. It was therefore a long-term effort to introduce these products to doctors, therapists, farmers, animal feed companies and the animal feed industry. But our work is slowly beginning to bear fruit and a growing number of people have become convinced that our products are indispensable for human, animal and plant health and sustainability on this earth.

I have often been asked why we do not focus on one target group, but that was and will never be negotiable for me. Everything is interconnected and we cannot see the health of humans, animals and plants separately.

Together with our great team, I will continue to dedicate myself to sharing the importance of humic and fulvic acid and our beautiful products with the world.

Harry de Wild
The Team

Because we’re in this together!

Team Health Solution consists of driven, inspired people who are passionate about the well-being of the earth and want to contribute to the health of humans, animals and plants. Because we believe that everything is connected.


Harry de Wild

Manager -

Erna de Wild

HR & Policy -

Klarijn Haitsma

Marketing & Sales Health Solution -

Dennis van Beesten

Backoffice purchase and production -

Kirsten Szklany

Research coordinator -

Iris Kosterink

Marketing & Sales -

Sonja Nieman

Administration -

Jordy van de Bunt

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Loran Dekker

Warehouse worker

Stan Groenenboom

Warehouse worker
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Health Solution is part of BioAg Europe and was established with clear goals:

Development through research

The product development of BioAg Europe, of which Health Solution is a part, is based on research from renowned studies and collaborations with scientists, agronomists, doctors, therapists and suppliers from around the world. BioAg has various studies underway, both short and long term.

Quality products

Based on proper research, we develop high-quality products based on humic acid and fulvic acid. We know what our products do and why. 
This allows us to always provide you with customized advice. We know that every situation is different and our science-based products allow us to work together with you for the best result.

Sharing our knowledge

In addition to developing products based on humic and fulvic acid, Health Solution also believes it is important to share the knowledge we have about humic and fulvic acid. We do this, among other activities, by giving training and lectures in the field of human, animal and plant health.