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What are the benefits for you as a health professional?
Development through research

The product development of BioAg Europe, of which Health Solution is a part, is based on research from renowned studies and collaborations with scientists, agronomists, doctors, therapists and suppliers from around the world. BioAg has various studies underway, both short and long term.

Quality products

Based on proper research, we develop high-quality products based on humic acid and fulvic acid. We know what our products do and why. This allows us to always provide you with customized advice. We know that every situation is different and our science-based products allow us to work together with you for the best result.

Sharing our knowledge

In addition to developing products based on humic and fulvic acid, Health Solution also believes it is important to share the knowledge we have about humic and fulvic acid. We do this, among other activities, by giving training and lectures in the field of human, animal and plant health.

Personal advice tailored your needs

We share an important mission that can only be achieved together, namely a sustainable and healthy living environment for humans, animals and plants. That is why partnership is essential for us. As a professional partner of ours, there are many possibilities for you. You can become a reseller, prescribe products on a commission basis or even sell our products under your own label. Contact us to find out together how our products and knowledge can support and benefit your company!

Information Professionals

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