Fulvic acid for athletes

Fulvic acid has the property to deliver oxygen directly to the muscles. If you regularly use fulvic acid, this will help to reduce the build-up of CO2 and lactic acid, resulting in a shorter recovery period and increased endurance.

What is it?
How does it work?
Why is Pure&Fulvic different from other fulvic acid products?

Pure&Fulvic is pure fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is a natural end product of digested organic substances and is an important part of our food cycle (nutrient cylce). It was once abundantly present in the soil (and therefore our food) and drinking water, but it has been lost in our daily diet due to conventional agriculture and water treatment methods.

Fulvic acid builds a connection between lifeless minerals and the body’s own cells. It helps these to better absorb the minerals, and thus ensures an increased performance and a better absorption capacity of other supplements. Fulvic acid also has a detoxifying effect. Fulvic acid can be seen as an efficient transporter that brings multiple nutrients into the cells. At the same time it helps to better remove waste. Pure fulvic acid is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, helping the body to recover faster after any physical exertion.

Pure&Fulvic is produced through a very slow fermentation process and not through unnatural procedures such as heating or the use of strong chemicals. It is therefore pure and not contaminated with chemicals or minerals. This makes Pure&Fulvic the only natural fulvic acid product on the market without additives or residual material. It has an increased capacity to connect and improve cells at all levels.

Increasing performance

Fulvic acid ensures that silica is better digested and absorbed by the body. Silica is important for collagen production and essential for the tendons and ligaments. The intake of fulvic acid and silica thus helps to build stronger joint connections and ensures shorter recovery periods.

Powerful electrolyte

Natural electrolyte, provides almost every biological process in the body with energy.

Natural antioxidant

Oxydants are produced during exercise and fulvic acid is a strong natural antioxidant. An isolated fulvic acid, such as Pure & Fulvic, has the capacity to enhance absorption of nutrients in the cell membrane for better performance.