Our commitment
We are working on a sustainable, healthy world by making the importance of humic and fulvic acid, for us and the earth, known and sharing our knowledge about these organic substances with consumers and professionals. With our products we want to promote the health of people, animals and plants, based on the conviction that everything is interconnected. And we substantiate the importance of humic and fulvic acid products by continuously researching the effects and possibilities to learn more about these organic substances, so that we can rightly call ourselves experts.
Our ideals
Our company would not be needed in a healthy, ideal world … 
Soil and plants would be healthier and more nutritious, animals and people would get enough nutrients through a fertile soil on which healthy plants and crops grow. With our products and knowledge, we contribute to an ideal, healthy world, to a sustainable living environment for people, animals and plants based on passion and connection with each other, because by working together we move forward.

This is how we do it:
  • Connection and collaboration
  • Solution-oriented work
  • Value everyone’s thoughts, ideas and experiences
  • The plant-animal-human cycle as the basis
  • Striving for sustainability
  • Transparency
  • Out-of-the-box thinking