BioAg Ful-Power

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the natural root and growth stimulator


Ful-Power consists of fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is nature’s transporter, also known as the chelator. This means that the fulvic acid in Ful-Power helps plants, grasses and crops absorb trace elements and minerals that are otherwise difficult to absorb. Improved absorption optimizes cell and plant growth, increases yield and makes plants, grasses and crops more resistant to pests and diseases. Fulvic Acid increases nutrient absorption without cutting through your existing plant nutrition plan. In addition, fulvic acid prevents nutrients from binding together and forming an insoluble sediment in a liquid solution.

The fulvic acid in Ful-Power is recovered through a fermentation process that uses no heating, and no chemicals are added. Ful-Power therefore guarantees a maximum biological effect.

Use Ful-Power to germinate your seed or seed potatoes. This ensures a healthy start to the seeds of your flowers and/or plants.
Tip: You can dip the roots of perennial plants in Ful-Power.
Use our vegetable garden annual calendar to choose the correct time to germinate different seeds.

Flowers and plants:
We recommend Ful-Power as an addition to every phase.
Ful-Power can be used as a leaf spray for flowers and plants. It helps other components to penetrate the cells and thus increases their effect and efficiency.
You can even halve the use of your fertilizers when you use Ful-Power!

The benefits of Ful-Power for plants:

  • to increase the absorption of nitrogen and nutrients
  • for better and greater root growth and biomass
  • to increase the absorption of fertilizers
  • to increase the yield of your grasses, plants and crops
  • for reducing stress in your seeds and young plants
  • as foliar spray
  • as a booster during germination, which ensures an accelerated development of your cuttings


Directions for use

For foliar feeding: Every 2 weeks, 5 ml Ful-Power per 1L water
1 liter (mixed) is sufficient for 1 square meter

Other advices:
Seed germination:
– Vegetables: Soak the seeds for at least 72 hours in a solution of 7 ml Ful-Power per liter of water.
– Other seeds: Soak in a solution of 10 ml Ful-Power per liter of water for at least 24 hours.

Root dips: 10 ml Ful-Power per 1 L water – use only once.

Ful-Power is in te zetten bij:

  • soil systems
  • circular agriculture
  • irrigation/injecting
  • hydroponics
  • hand watering
  • foliar spray
  • germination


6% fulvic acid and purified rainwater.

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