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A wonderful moment for yourself in a private health resort – your own bathroom!


HumaSoak is a 100% natural product consisting of humic and fulvic acid. The powder dissolves very easily in water and is highly concentrated, so you only need a little bit per bath.
Taking therapeutic baths has been practiced since ancient times to enhance both physical and mental well-being. Today mud, mineral and peat baths and all kinds of natural wraps and masks are offered in spas and wellness centers around the world. The active substances in HumaSoak are humic and fulvic acid.

Positive effects:

  • helps to maintain flexible joints
  • supports the immune system
  • improves and softens the skin
  • good for blood circulation
  • promotes the natural immune system
  • makes you less sensitive to stress
  • for the care of sensitive and tired muscles

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Directions for use

Fill the bath with hot water. The ideal temperature is 41 degrees Celsius.
Average bathtub size: Add 7.5 grams (3 heaped teaspoons measuring 5ml) of HumaSoak to the bath water.
Oversized bathtub size: Add 10 grams (5 heaped teaspoons measuring 5ml) of HumaSoak to the bath water.

The bath water will look like tea or weak coffee. Let the water cool enough until you can step in. Start with a 7-8 minute bath and build up to 20 minutes per bath at a time.
Never take a HumaSoak bath for longer than 20 minutes.

For optimal results, use HumaSoak at least 9 times during the first three weeks.
Then 1-2 times a week as maintenance.

In order for HumaSoak to work properly, it is important not to exercise intensively or to drink a lot of water prior to taking a bath with HumaSoak. After the bath, relax (lie down!) for 1-2 hours. After relaxing, rinse with warm water so that all the toxins that have sweated out of the skin can be removed.

Eating a small snack beforehand is fine, however it is not recommended to take a bath on a full stomach.
It is recommended to allow time for digestion after your evening meal before taking a bath. Intensive exercise before or after a HumaSoak bath is not recommended.

Do not use soap or shampoo for 12 hours after the HumaSoak bath.


Consult your doctor if taking a hot bath can be harmful to your health. If you get too hot or dizzy during your bath, get out of the bath immediately (but carefully).


Additional advice
HumaSoak can only be used in chlorine-free water. If the water contains chlorine, first neutralize it with an anti-chlorine tablet.

Make sure the bath is clean beforehand, especially clean out old soap residues.

If you are not comfortable with a hot bath, start with a temperature that you can tolerate well and try to increase it a little at a time.

Bath salts, magnesium flakes or natural essential oils can be added to the HumaSoak bath. Please make sure that oils are pure, natural vegetable oils. When HumaSoak is mixed with synthetic oils it can have harmful effects.

While filling the bath, put comfortable clothes or a bathrobe and towel near at hand. Keep in mind that you are likely to sweat and will want to be nice and warm and comfortable for at least 1 hour afterwards.

It is important to hydrate before and after the bath. It is not recommended to drink caffeine. Prepare a lukewarm glass of water (not cold water) to restore lost fluids.

HumaSoak does not stain towels permanently.

When using in jacuzzi or whirlpool: remove the filter to prevent blockages. The bath water can pass through the drain without any environmental concern. In fact, it can even be used to water your plants or garden, as it supplies indoor as well as outdoor plants and the soil with important nutrients.



Humic acid, Fulvic acid

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