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Promotes gut health, and keeps your animals healthy and energetic!

PrimeHumic promotes gut health and the absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in pets. Humic acid is the binder and fulvic acid is the transporter. The molecular weight and size of these substances are so small that they can travel from cell to cell. As a result, they help the animal body absorb nutrients better as well as maintain cell balance. Humic and fulvic acids remove heavy metals from the animal body.

It also improves natural resistance to disease and thus the vitality and mobility of all pets and animals!

Positive effects:

  • promotes gut health:
    • promotes the development of the intestinal structure
    • protects the intestine against harmful influences
  • promotes vitality
  • promotes the absorption of nutrients
  • improves overall health
  • helps to remove heavy metals and toxins


Directions for use

PrimeHumic dissolves 80-85% in water and is easily mixed with food.
From the table below, determine the amount of PrimeHumic you give, based on the animal’s weight.

Weight Adviced daily amount
100 kg 0,5 grams
200 kg 1 grams
400 kg 2 grams
600 kg 3 grams

Making PrimeHumic liquid

Because the quantities to be used are very small, let us give you an example of how to mix this supplement for your pet. Let’s say that you have a dog weighing 30 kilos. Looking at the table, you would need to use half a gram. Half a gram is difficult to measure, so instead take 5 grams, dissolve in 100ml of water (use soft water) and then administer 10ml of this solution daily.

PrimeHumic liquid can be used in combination with PrimeFulvic.

If you use both products, you can halve the dosage of PrimeFulvic.


Humic acid and fulvic acid

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1 review for PrimeHumic

  1. Dineke Roseboom, Stal Roseboom (Coevorden) (store manager)

    Last year we visited a fair and found a BioAg stand where the product PrimeHumic was presented, we were then asked by the company to test it on our horses. Because it is very economical stuff in terms of quantities that you administer, we were therefore able to give the product to several horses. And the results were actually amazingly good, both (pregnant) mares that were actually a bit too skinny gained weight in a very short time, but also horses that had a reduction in resistance (for example due to a move to our place) visibly improved. Horses that were a bit snotty, for example, got rid of this within a few weeks thanks to this product and no regular medication had to be added, because the general resistance was significantly increased by this product.

    We are now so enthusiastic about PrimeHumic that we have already ordered for our entire herd! It is also very easy to administer and all horses eat it with us without any problems (for example, over the concentrate, but it can also be given easily in a sandwich). All in all, we absolutely recommend this product!

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