PrimeHumic with lime

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PrimeHumic with lime

Promotes gut health, and keeps your animals healthy and energetic!

PrimeHumic with lime promotes gut health and the absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in pets. Humic acid is the binder and fulvic acid is the transporter. The molecular weight and size of these substances are so small that they can travel from cell to cell. As a result, they help the animal body absorb nutrients better as well as maintain cell balance. Humic and fulvic acids remove heavy metals from the animal body.\

It also improves natural resistance to disease and thus the vitality and mobility of all pets and animals!

Positive effects:

  • promotes gut health:
    • promotes the development of the intestinal structure
    • protects the intestine against harmful influences
  • promotes vitality
  • promotes the absorption of nutrients
  • improves overall health
  • helps to remove heavy metals and toxins


Directions for use

PrimeHumic is easily mixed with food.
From the table below, determine the amount of PrimeHumic you give, based on the animal’s weight.


Weight Adviced daily amount
100 kg 1 grams
200 kg 2 grams
400 kg 4 grams
600 kg 6 grams

The difference with PrimeHumic without lime
Because the dosage of the PrimeHumic with lime is double that of the PrimeHumic without lime, dosing is easier. This mainly applies to heavier animals weighing 200kg and over.


Humic acid, fulvic acid and carbonated feed lime

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