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The transporter of vitamins and heavy metals.


Our Pure&Fulvic is pure and 100% natural. Due to our fermentation process, this fulvic acid is unbound, which means that it has no minerals, metals, vitamins and trace elements bound to it.

Our fulvic acid is completely tasteless and golden yellow in color.

Read more about our unique fermentation process here.


Certification number, especially for the Belgian market: AS-4385/2
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Directions for use

Pure&Fulvic is an excellent nutritional supplement/herbal preparation for everyone. Use the advice below and adjust the quantities according to your own needs – after all, every person is unique.

Do you want to use both Pure&Fulvic and Pure&Humic? Then do not take Pure&Fulvic at the same time as Pure&Humic! Take one product in the morning and the other in the evening.

Tip: If you want to follow usage advice 1 or 2, you have a total of 1900 ml. necessary. It is therefore best to order 2 bottles for an optimal effect.

Use advice 1 (21 days)

Take 30ml of Pure & Fulvic three times a day (90ml per day) for 21 days. Dilute 30ml Pure & Fulvic with 240ml (chlorine-free) water. Take one hour before or after a meal for optimal results. Most people will feel better and more energized after a week.

Day 1-21
Breakfast 30ml
Lunch 30ml
Dinner 30ml

Use advice 2 (30 days)

Some people are sensitive to the effects of the above schedule. In that case, it may be more agreeable to start with a lower dose. This is a milder, slower variant of the above schedule. Instead of 90ml daily, this schedule starts with a daily dose of 30ml and gradually builds up to 90ml. Take one hour before or after a meal for optimal results.

Day 1-7
Breakfast 10ml
Lunch 10ml
Dinner 10ml

Day 8-14
Breakfast 20ml
Lunch 20ml
Dinner 20ml

Day 15-30
Breakfast 30ml
Lunch 30ml
Dinner 30ml

Use advice 3 – Daily maintenance dose

Once you have completed one of the two schedules, you can continue with the daily maintenance dose. Take 10ml three times a day before each meal, or 20ml before breakfast and 10ml before dinner. You can take this dose with fruit juice or (chlorine-free) water, if desired together with other vitamins and/or food supplements. For best results, take the maintenance dosage one hour before meals. You can of course also skip both schedules and start with the maintenance dose, for example if you react very sensitively to either schedule. This is equally effective, but it takes a little longer before you notice this than when you first complete the 21-day or 30-day schedule.


Fulvic acid and purified rainwater
Pure&Fulvic does not contain any preservatives. We advise you to store Pure&Fulvic in the refrigerator. Can be kept for at least two months after opening, if stored refrigerated. The Best Before date can be found on the bottom of the bottle.

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1 review for Pure&Fulvic UK

  1. Jetty

    After surgery on my wrist, the stitches started to inflame because they were way too tight. After removing it, the itch drove me crazy.
    Then I soaked a folded tissue in the Pure&Fulvic drink and let it soak on the scar for a whole day.
    The itch has completely disappeared, as has the inflammation. 👍 I was very happy with the result, amazing! It means you can also use the drink externally.

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